Saturday, April 21, 2012

I recently tweeted asking what everyones favourite body scrub was and the answer was all the same! Soap & Glory! I've used and loved Soap & Glory The Scrub Of Your Life pretty much since it came out until I purchased this one. After my first use of the Some Like It Hot! Hot Thermal Body Scrub was quick to the top of my 'products that work instantly' list! Using it combined with my Dermalogica Buffing Cloth - link made such a difference in the softness of my skin.
After being warned that this scrub gets really hot I dispensed a dollup into my hands and quickly rubbed into my arms - the warmth kind of felt like it was soothing my muscles as well as my skin while being really relaxing. Being a hot thermal scrub newbie I was totally blown away by the results as soon as I washed this off. I'm not sure which ingredient is the miracle one or maybe it's just a combination of macademia oil, sugars, vanilla seeds and aloe vera that are all included. For those that like a really strong lather in their scrub I would recommend the Soap & Glory Scrub Of Your Life instead as it's creates more of a foamy lather.

To use this apply a fairy large dollup onto your hands and then straight onto your damp skin in the shower or bath. Massage in and then rinse! You'll be amazed with the results I promise      :)

Some Like It Hot! Is £10.00 and available here or at Boots here


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