Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The L'Occitane range have really been doing amazingly well in my good books recently! It's very rare that I love a skincare item thats based on food as well as the actual food itself, but hello almonds! L'Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil, which I raved about fully here, is definitely my favourite skin oil (and I have tried my fair few) along with the amazing smell comes a moisturising, soft oil that leaves me waking up to the most lovely skin ever. Paired together with another item in the range I love, the Almond Shower Oil, to give the dream team of achieving soft skin. The shower oil is really buttery soft but lathers really easily which is why I love it.
On to the actual food these are based on, Almonds. One of my friends, whose Mom is actually a nutritionist, would always have a little pot of almonds next to her bed to snack on. Probably because they are a really healthy snack with tons of benefits      :) . What many would describe as 'brain food', as well as boosting energy and helping aid weight loss. The most important for me is the skincare and haircare benefits, being a good source of protein almonds can aid hair and nail strength and growth as well as being heigh in antioxidants! 


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