Friday, May 11, 2012

When it comes to spot treatment gels I've never found one I love, or even like for that matter. None of them seem to help in the reducing of redness or size, so after many trial and errors of many products I gave up. I've recently seen Dr Nick Lowe at his Cranley Clinic in London (more on that later!) for a number of treatments and skin related help. When he recommended I try his Spot Gel I had already made up my mind that it wouldn't work. He continued to recommend that I use his up to four times a day (who knew?) and even over makeup!

In the above picture are 9 over the counter spot treatments I have tried and failed, 10 if you include Origins Super Spot Remover which my friend took possession of. Others include Soap & Glory, which actually gave me a skin irritation, Clinique, Dermalogica and La Roche Rosay. I'm not sure why none of them worked, maybe because I wasn't applying them four times daily (even though the instructions didn't  suggest doing so). So as I was working one day, sceptically applying Dr Nick Lowe Spot Gel four times, I really wasn't expecting anything at all. By the evening my little face friend had drastically reduced to the point where it was hardly noticeable! I've continued to use Dr Nick Lowe Spot Gel religiously since then whenever I spy a little lurker appearing to help keep everything at bay. I love the great size too, I even bought an extra one to keep in my handbag for emergencies! 

In terms of applying it over makeup, I didn't seem to ruin foundation or concealer but it did seem to ruin blush as there was a little patch where I applied the gel. It's great to know that I can apply this on top of makeup during those days on the go where I can't be hibernating at home constantly reapplying spot gel. I think the trick to combat little face friends is to apply the gel as early on as possible.  Having treatments with Dr Nick Lowe at the Cranley Clinic and I haven't had much need for the Spot Gel recently but it's just nice to know should that situation occur I have back up options!

Tenth time lucky I guess      ;)

Dr Nick Lowe Spot Gel is available on his site here or at Boots here for £9.18

Skincare Disclaimer: Skincare products are very personal. Remember that what works on my skin may not work on yours. For reference my skin type is combination. 


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