Saturday, June 2, 2012

About a month ago I attended an Hourglass masterclass in Liberty and was so impressed with the entire range I ended up going home with almost everything! Recently Hourglass, which are an American brand, have recently expanded into Space NK stores so now I feel is an appropriate time to write about them as they are more easily accessible.

From what I purchased some of the products were hits and some were misses but a definite hit was their Script Precision Liquid Eyeliner. I'm a bit of a heavy handed girl and eyeliner rarely comes out how I would like it to, which if why I often smudge it out. Hourglass Script is a liquid eyeliner with the finest nib you will ever see making application super easy! When time is limited in the early morning and I can barely keep my eyes open let alone apply eyeliner Hourglass Script has saved me with the easiest control nib I've ever used.

Compared above next to Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner and Chanel's Automatique Liquid Eyeliner just as proof how teeny tiny it is. As it's so small it makes eyeliner totally foolproof, there's just no way you could make a mistake with something so small! Great for girls who love a 'no makeup makeup' look as it can look so subtle by just pressing the eyeliner into the lash line, making eyelashes appear thicker. The colour is also really deep black which I love too as sometimes they can look dark blue or brown.

If I had to find a fault it would be that the liner doesn't blend, so if you're like me and like to do a bit of a smokey eyeliner look then this is not the eyeliner for you. Apart from that there are no faults! Really long-lasting, doesn't smudge and totally black

All in all a must have for any eyeliner girls       ;)

Hourglass Script Precision Eye Liner is available for £23.00 at Space NK here or Liberty


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