Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy Jubilee Weekend! If you're in London at the moment you're aware that everyone, myself included, have gone a little Jubilee crazy. Everything from the outside of peoples houses to cars to t-shirts are all British themed! Last October I discovered Violent Lip Tattoos which are temporary lip stickers that last a good 4 hours minimum and look so cool! They aren't as pleasant to wear as the Clarins Natural Lip Perfector but like anything you get used to them and forget they are on after half an hour or so. 

For the Jubilee weekend I decided to go for the British Flag lip tattoos! Which I have to admit look really fun! Here's how I apply them 

You will need:
- A pair of scissors
- Cotton wool 
- Lip Tatoos

1. Carefully remove the lip tattoos from the outline

2. Press the lip tattoos up against your lip and measure the tattoo against your lip, starting at the cupids bow

3. Cut the tattoo along the lines that best match your lip

4. Peel the white plastic back off the lip tattoo

5. Opening your mouth press the violent lip against it again starting with the cupids bow

6. Wet a cotton pad, squeeze out any excess and dab the cotton pad onto the tattoo until the white paper can be easily removed

7. Set the lip tattoo by pressing the cotton pad onto your lips

There are sooo many Violent Lip Tatoos to choose from - full glitter, Kiss, Birthday Girl, polka dots and even sailor themed! For Halloween last year I actually based my outfit choice on Violent Lip tattoos! I chose Leopard Print and Queen Of Hearts      ;)

Have you ever tried Violent Lips? What did you think?


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