Friday, November 16, 2012

Hey kids, I thought I'd just give y'all a little update on why I've been a bit absent over here on my blog this week.
I'm writing to you from my sick bed :( Yup, I'm all tucked up with my hot water bottle and fluffy socks, on a mild dose of morphine. I must say, I'm feeling rather spaced out, typing is hard work right now...

I've been having the most awful stomach pains since Saturday, at first I thought it may have just been seriously bad lady pains, but it's been days.
So I went to the doctors yesterday morning and was sent straight up to A&E (eeep). After a lot of waiting, blood tests and a lot of prodding, they think I have a burst cyst, so sent me home with some mild morphine pills (these make me very happy and drowsy). I'm just waiting to be referred to a private doctor now, so looks like it's going to be a quiet, drugged up weekend for me.

Yesterday wasn't all bad, I finally got my new Iphone (yipee). So, that means I'm on Instagram now, I'm 'magsy24' come find me, or leave your Instagram names in the comments below :)
It's looking a bit bare at the moment as I'm too ill to photograph, but I'll upload soon I promise. 

Also, I got the issue of the magazine that I did my first make-up artist shoot for, so I'm excited to show you the photos for that soon. It was so bizarre seeing my name credited in a magazine!

Anyway, thank you so much to all of you who sent me lovely tweets and messages yesterday, honestly you cheered me up so much! I'm sure I'll be blogging from bed over the weekend. I'm sure I'll be back to my normal self in a few days, in the mean time any dad jokes, Instagram names, blog links, tumblr links and youtube videos you'd like to send me would be very much appreciated to keep me entertained!

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