Monday, December 3, 2012

In preparation for looking semi-decent for tonights very exciting evening - Suitcase Magazine Launch Party (woop woop!) and Daily Mix TV Launch Party I opted for some Sunday night prep, a little face mask, some fake tanning and some hair SOS.

My routine all began before bed time, I started off prepping for a face mask by using Oskia Micro Exfoliating Balm. Formulated with Miranda Kerr's favourite bright skin ingredient - Rosehip oil along with Vitamin E and Zinc. You're supposed to massage the balm into the skin, add a little water for it to  become a fine milk. The exfoliating granules themselves are really gentle, as the name would suggest,  yet still feels as though it's doing its job. Being someone who doesn't exfoliate regularly as it tends to irritate my skin, I was pleasantly surpirsed with the outcome - leaving me with skin feeling clean, fresh and not red at all! I thouroughly enjoyed using this - so much so that I've already christened it the most pleasureable exfoliating treatment I've ever used. 

After this leaving my skin ready for a face mask it was time for Balance Me Radiance Mask sample I've had around thanks to this try me kit. A very light clay mask that has a triple function - deeply cleanse, exfoliate and brighten. There are a few granues in there as you're supposed to indulge in some manual exfoliation before allowing the mask to set. I opted out of another exfoliating treatment and left it on for a good ten minutes to remove to smooth and clean looking skin.

As the mask was setting I slathered the dry patches around my body in Melvita's latest release, L'Or Bio, which seemed do to a pretty good job without leaving me feeling all oiled up. Plus - it smells incredible, think Nuxe Dry Oil but better!

Fast forward some fake tanning, cleansing, and hair masking and a spritz of my favourite mist, Balance Me Skin Bright Hydrating Face Mist (trust me it's amazing stuff). I then applied an overnight skin treat that I nicked from my Mum's beauty stash - Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial, which is basically a serum oil that contains a whole concocion of ingreidents to feed skins thirst and give a little radiance boost.

To ensure a good nights rest my pillows were spritzed in This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray and temples were slathered in Origins Sensory Therapy. Not as long as last weeks pamper (post here) but hopefully did the trick - only this weeks Beauty On Location will tell!       ;)


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