Monday, April 9, 2012

Three things I look for in a lip product, 1. Longevity 2. Pigmentation 3. Moisturising, if you saw my lip product collection you would be pretty shocked that I had not yet come across one product that does all three. 

Dior has recently launched a new collection of lipsticks to their Dior Addict family, Dior Addict Extreme. Claimed to have a new formula that  'features an exclusive combination of four waxes, hyaluronic acid spheres and delicate, shine-boosting oils for an exclusive, featherweight finish.' The colour I picked up, 316 Incognito, a darker nude shade was the least pigmented out of them all, as I wanted a natural colour as opposed to a bright red or pink. The formula is very light yet moisturising with a semi-glossy finish. The gloss it gives is more of natural one compared to an actual lipgloss & after a while the gloss wears off and leaves a residue of colour on your lips. As opposed to some lipsticks that cling onto dry patches on the lips and highlighting them, Dior Addict Extreme did not. I was very disappointed by the colour selection as most of them are red based and very bright, if you're a neutral pink/nude girl like me I'm sorry to say Incognito will probably be the only colour for you! I would recommend these for someone who suffers from dry lips but wants a lipstick that won't be drying, deliver a good base of colour & last a while. There are also matching nail polish shades!

You can pick these up for £24.00 at Dior counters
Ps! How cool are the Dior tattoos that came with my Dior Addict Extreme! :)

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