Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Being a long haired girl getting volume isn't always easy, in desperate times I tend to use my Oribe Dry Texturising Spray *link* but despite it being genius I'm not really a fan of the sandy feeling it leaves in my hair. I recently tried the GHD Rootlift Spray(*) and was very impress with the results. Here's the low down...

Claims -  Designed to give volume and support when used with blowdrying when applied to towel dried hair and dry with a brush for lift.

Product - Practical pump spray which is useful as you know exactly where you're applying product that's distributed evenly. At an event recently Mr Fekkai mentioned with volumising products you want to apply them straight to the hair and this spray makes that very easy! (read full post hereA light scent that is hardly noticable, spray through roots of the hair and doesn't leave hair feeling any different then normal (not sticky!!) which I loved! If you apply too much it is very easy to tone it down by just brushing it out. What I loved most -  it didn't make roots of my hair greasy or changed its texture & I didn't feel like there was product in my hair at all! The GHD Root Lift Spray includes a heat protector so you don't need to pile on the products however I wouldn't recommend using this throughout the lengths of your hair as it may weigh it down rather than give it volume!

How I Apply - Spray on the top of my head to damp hair and blow dry with a round brush, or spray the brush and blowdry roots! 

Rating - 9/10 - 9 because the volume didn't last a very long time on me but that could be due to my very long hair! 

Best For - Girls who want a bit of natural volume without feeling like their hair is caked in product! 

Available for £12.99 here or shop more GHD products here
(*) PR Sample
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