Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I absolutely love meeting makeup artists! They just have so much to share and are full of useful information. I've picked up a couple of tips on how to create the illusion of fuller lips with makeup using simple things like lip liner and highlighter and you'll notice the simplest thing makes a significant difference!

It's all about playing with light and shadows to manipulate your lips to look fuller

1. Always start by lining your lips with lip liner - instead of using just one colour use two, a darker one and a lighter one, use the darker one in the outer corners and the lighter one in the centre. This will give the illusion of a bigger pout as if you lips are perturbing outwards! For my skin colour I use Mac Lipliner in Subculture and No7 Perfect Lips Liner in Nude

2. After applying your lip stick/gloss of choice, Use a powder highlighter on a little eyeshadow brush and dab a bit in the centre of your lips, this will reflect the light, making them look fuller and more lifted. My highlighter of choice is Mac Mineralise Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle, which I talk about in more detail here.

Make sure to stay clear of dark lip shades as they will just make your lips look smaller!

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