Sunday, November 18, 2012

Boots 17 Trio in Enraged £5.49 Boots
It's a constant struggle to find high street eyeshadows that match up to the high-end counterparts, especially when comparing them to the likes of my two favourites, Burberry and Dior. They all seem to be rather chalky, have terrible fall out and not particularly blendable. To date the best I've found are Boots 17, the trio in Enraged is perfect for creating an autumnal smokey eye.

The eyeshadow has a slight glitter overspray that comes off within a couple of uses to leave a soft warm powder. The pigments are strong enough that there's no need to pack on the eyeshadow to result in a decent colour. Even though the pigmentation is great I did notice a considerable difference when paired with a primer, namely my Mac Paint Pot. 

The shades in the Enraged Trio are really warm and autumnal, I'm really enjoying wearing the a combination of the two complimentary peachy pink and brown shade all over lid with gold under eyes as an eyeliner and inner corner highlight. 



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