Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Despite what your thoughts on Kim Kardashian are, theres absolutely no doubt about it, her makeup is flawless. Mario Dedanovic, her makeup artist, is an absolute magician. He is someone I've always followed for product recommendations, application tips and in general to feast my eyes on his amazing work.

One of his trademark looks in Kim is her concealer, and his ability to brighten up the under eye area to also act as a highlighter. After following reading and hearing about how he creates this look on Kim I've come up with an adapted routine of my own, similar to Mario's.

I'll use:
- Concealer
- Setting Powder
- Beauty Blender Sponge (post here)

This isn't something I do on a day to day basis, only if there's a special event or party but it photographs beautifully and only adds a couple of minutes to the routine. I'll always make sure the concealer and powder photographs well, especially with flash. This involves having no SPF in concealer or powder and minimal light reflecting particles. 

The concealing doesn't have to be particularly neat or even as it's blended out but I'll start by drawing a triangle under my eyes, I tend to bring the lines all the way to the bottom of my nose for ultimate highlighting proerties - depending on how big by bags are. Kim's are always brought down to the sides of her nostrills and brought along her cheek to acts as a highlighter, creating a V shape. Bringing the concealer all the way down really emphasises the contours of the face and brightens up the inner section, making the look very youthful.

Fill in the triangle with concealer and blend it out with a damp beauty blender using bouncing and tapping motions. Pressing the concealer into the skin - not dragging as I don't want to transfer the product around. 

I then dab the tip of my beauty blender into loose powder and press it onto my skin, where I applied the concealer to set everything in place.

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I'll then continue to apply bronzer and blush to tie everything together. Do you like Kim Kardashians Makeup? Have you ever concealed like this?


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