Friday, December 21, 2012

Best high end eyeshadow of 2012? Burberry. By Far. Richly pigmented, buttery soft, blendable and fantastic lasting power. There's really nothing more to ask for! As soon as words spread regarding their latest eyeshadow palettes my ears pricked up, six to choose from with four new colour combinations and I've been sweeping my lids in the shade No2. Mocha.

Each palette contains four shades, made up for creating a smokey eye with convenient colour combinations. I've been sweeping the illuminating lightest shade under my brown bone and in the inner tear duct, the golden shade all over the lid with some slight definition in the crease using the two darkest shades. One of the most convenient smokey eye palettes I own thanks to the thin compact packaging (the brush and sponge applicator are stored in the pouch as opposed to in the pan). 

At £40 for four shades and more eyeshadow than the usual singles (almost 3g more) I will definitely be asking Santa for another palette - perhaps Plum Pink?

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