Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Makeup Brushes can be expensive and the key to keeping them at their best is to clean them regularly! I try to clean mine properly once a week while also having an antibacterial brush cleaning spray from Sephora on my vanity. Not that I'm a scientist or anything but keeping your brushes clean is also important to avoid blemishes. For example, when you use your foundation brush after you've finished applying foundation a bit of moist foundation will be leftover on the brush and bacteria will be attracted to the moistness of the foundation in the brush and settle there. For sensitive skin girls this can be such a disaster and the cause of some major breakouts! Therefore it's best to keep the bacteria off your face by washing your brushes :) 
Below is my step by step guide of how I wash my brushes! If you wash yours differently I'de love to know how leave me a comment! :)
To wash your brushes you will need....

A cheap shampoo, I use Johnsons & Johnsons baby shampoo, dirty brushes, a cup & a towel

1. Pour some of the shampoo in your cup depending on how many brushes you'll be washing and swirl your dry dirty makeup brush in the shampoo

2. Rise under water making sure the brush head is slanted downwards - if its slanted upwards towards the water, the water can get into the hold of the hairs and that's how some brushes start to shed!

3. Swirl the brush around in the palm of your hand lathering the shampoo and the water
You can repeat the above steps until there is no more colour coming out of the brush but once is usually enough

4. When your brush is clean squeeze excess water out of the brush and squeeze the brush with a towel

5. Arrange the shape with your fingers and leave on an edge to dry, making sure the brushes are flat not facing up. Synthetic brushes take a lot less time to dry than natural bristles so I like to wash my brushes and night and leave them to dry overnight! Wait for them to dry and then store as usual!

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