Thursday, May 3, 2012

With Adele and Lana Del Ray's nails flaunting themselves in practically every magazine I open I thought it was about time to get on that bandwagon and have them done on myself, or better yet, go one step further and that's how I ended up at Sophy Robson Nails in Hari's Salon on the Kings Road in London. Sophy Robson is basically the queen of nail art, famous for the dalmation nails she created for Topshop Unique's Fashion Show. Being a nail art newbie my friend and I spent hours on the Sophy Robson blog, here, and Haris Salon Website, here, getting inspiration for our first manicures. 
Here's a little preview of just some of the choices...

Both of us decided to go for tips to achieve that perfect Lana Del Ray/Adele long nail. First was the tip extension, then the acrylic overlay, which was then followed by the nail art! If you haven't tried acrylic nails before they are just a hard overlay on top of your nails. They also make nail polish chip less &  make it easier to apply. I finally decided on little heart tips whereas my friend went for a half moon and fun tip! (see below)

The whole process including drying time took about 2 hours, which sounds rather long but if you include tip and acrylic application, nail painting, nail art and drying time it makes more sense. The nails did last as long as you can deal with the gap between your nail and cuticle!

Have you ever had nail art? Which one would you choose?

Sophy Robson nails are available at Hari's Salon. Call 020 7349 8722 to book or visit their website here

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  1. I am crazy for nail arts.All the nail designs are so cute simple and stylish.I try then in different