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Tiffany, or better known as her YouTube name, "MakeupbyTiffanyD," is a 27-year-old beauty guru, blogger and self-taught makeup artist from Atlanta, Georgia. Her style can be characterized as classic and glamorous, however, she says she is definitely not trendy for the sake of being trendy.   

Tiffany has been referred to as one of the most relate-able gurus in the YouTube beauty community. She prides herself on creating videos and sharing beauty advice for a wide range of women; young teens to those in their 50s and beyond. "Applying makeup a certain way or having particular features doesn’t make you beautiful. True, memorable beauty comes from being genuine, happy, confident, and presenting yourself in a way that makes you, you." 

Tiffany has been fortunate enough to travel overseas and all over the United States working with many of the beauty companies she has admired for years. Her most memorable experience was her photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower in Paris for the Paris Makeup Palette project with Sigma Beauty.

Becoming a well-known guru has been very rewarding on many levels for this beauty expert. “Meeting my fans face-to-face at events like IMATS and meet-ups, and even just around my hometown in everyday life is a great feeling. Having people tell me that my videos have helped them learn how to apply makeup because they never had someone to show them how, or that I helped them through a difficult time just by bringing a smile to their face and providing a few minutes of escape through videos -- it's those types of things make everything worth it.”

Sigma Beauty: What was the most rewarding part about your trip to Paris?
Tiffany: The experience itself. Being able to travel somewhere I always dreamed of going and leaving the city knowing we had been inspired to create something we can always keep to remind us of the experience.

Sigma Beauty: What did you like best about the city itself?
Tiffany: Just the feeling of being there and seeing things that had so much history. Famous places I had seen in movies and learned about all my life were around every corner. The feeling that every place and every building had a story and meant something.  It was incredibly beautiful and such an indescribable feeling.

Sigma Beauty: What did you learn from this experience/collaboration with Sigma?
Tiffany: That several individuals can come together with different styles and gather inspiration from one city to create something that naturally "works".  I was amazed at how although we all had our own eye shadow colors that were very independently created with our own personal preferences, they all formed such a beautiful final product that really made sense when it all came together in the end.  On the other hand, where the face colors were concerned, we were all very hands-on in creating that together. Seeing all of our preferences and opinions directly reflected in the final product of those shades was great. The finished product is something we can always be proud of creating together.

Sigma Beauty: What was it like to learn about the process of how a makeup palette and eye shadow colors are created?
Tiffany: I knew it was hard work where the actual production was concerned, but actually seeing what it's like to make the final decisions and make changes to samples until everything was perfect was really fun. It's exciting to see my actual shade come to life and to see everyone's ideas we discussed come to life as actual eye shadows of the exact shade we each dreamed up in the final product.

Sigma Beauty: What is your favorite way to wear the eye shadow color that you created?
Tiffany: My shade is so dramatic yet versatile. I love that there are endless ways to create looks with it. However, my favorite way to w ear it is what I describe as a "Parisian smokey eye," using the shade to create lots of drama around the eye for a really classic yet fun look.

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