Monday, May 14, 2012

Whenever I don't have time to do a full on smokey eye before I go out I rely on my Mac Paint Pot in Constructivist - which I raved about fully here. I could never get rid of my paint pots, they are just the perfect base for eyeshadow, making them blend easier and last longer. This is just a really quick and easy way for an 'unkept' smokey eye look that I slap on when getting ready and time is limited!

1. With my finger I tap on some Mac Constructivist Paint Pot all over my lid making sure to stay below the crease
2. With a fluffy brush like the No7 Blend and Contour brush I sweep Mac Mulch Eyeshadow all over where I applied the paint pot to add to the colour

3. Using a different fluffy blending brush like the Mac 217 I blend the harsh edges out, in winds wiper motions, with a shade a couple of shades darker than my skin colour, Mac Cork eyeshadow 
4. Taking a pencil brush like the Mac 219 I apply some of the Mac Mulch eyeshadow under the eye

Continue to apply mascara and done with the eyes!


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